2017 film quiz – answers

Original questions can be found here!

Round One – 2017 in Film

  1. Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty
  2. AMC
  3. The Square (directed by Ruben Östlund)
  4. South Korea
  5. “Harlem Shuffle” by Bob and Earl
  6. One week, one day, one hour.
  7. Weyland Corporation
  8. Taika Waititi
  9. The Room
  10. Adrian Edmundson

Round Two – Academy Awards

Arrival, Fences, Hacksaw Ridge, Hell or High Water, Hidden Figures, La La Land, Lion, Manchester By The Sea, Moonlight.

Round Three – Name that still!

1. Beauty and the Beast

2. The Boss Baby

3. Girls Trip

4. Alien Covenant

5. Baby Driver

6. Spider-Man: Homecoming

7. Atomic Blonde

8. A Ghost Story

9. Lady Macbeth

10. The Red Turtle


2017 Film Quiz – free and just for fun

I’ve created another film quiz for you to consume this holiday period. No prizes on offer, just some wholesome fun for you to devour with your friends and families this Christmas and New Year.


Answers in a separate post (no peeking!)

Round One – 2017 in Film

  1. Which two actors presented the infamous Best Film Academy Award at this year’s ceremony, fumbling the result and announcing the wrong winner?
  2. Which American cinema chain came under fire in April when they announced they would allow customers to use their phones during films?
  3. Which film won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival in May this year?
  4. Park Chan-Wook directed the brilliant film The Handmaiden this year, but what is the director’s nationality?
  5. Which song was played in the famous “shopping for coffee” sequence at the start of the film Baby Driver? Half a point each for the artist and the song.
  6. Which three countdown times were given at the start of Dunkirk to signify the start point for each of the three intertwining stories?
  7. In the film Blade Runner 2049, what was the name of the company responsible for creating replicants?
  8. Name the New Zealand director behind the Marvel superhero film Thor: Ragnarok.
  9. The film The Disaster Artist depicts the creation of an infamous film by Tommy Wiseau. Name that film!
  10. Which British comedian starred as Captain Edrison Peavey of the First Order in the film Star Wars: The Last Jedi?

Round Two – Academy Awards

Simply name the nine films that were nominated for Best Film at the 89th Academy Awards, presented in 2017. Have a bonus point for getting them all right!

Round Three – Name that still!






Michael Keaton





Halloween Quiz – Answers!

In case you missed it, I posted a quick just-for-fun Halloween quiz earlier today. 

The answers are below. Look away if you don’t want to have it spoiled for you!

Picture Round

1. The Shining

2. Don’t Breathe

3. A Clockwork Orange

4. It

5. Final Destination 

6. Halloween

7. The Human Centipede 

8. The Birds

9. 10 Cloverfield Lane

10. The Babadook

11. A Nightmare on Elm Street

12. What We Do In The Shadows

13. Carrie

14. The Woman In Black

15. Dracula 

16. It Follows

17. Scream

18. Aliens

Hitchcock’s Missing Letters

1. North By Northwest

2. Rear Window

3. The Birds

4. Vertigo

5. Topaz

6. Rebecca

7. Rope 

8. Psycho

9. To Catch A Thief

10. Dial M For Murder

Trivia Answers

1. Lucille

2. Jennifer Aniston

3. Pennywise 

4. Tales From The Crypt

5. Night of the Living Dead

6. Resident Evil

7. They’ve all portrayed movie ghosts

8. Goosebumps 

9. Barbara Streisand

10. Vincent Price

Tie Breaker