I go to the cinema far more often than I really should. It’s a selfish and indulgent act. You forget about all your troubles, your chores, your work, everything, and watch someone else struggle for a couple of hours.

In many ways, that’s exactly why I love films.

Film, for me, is escapism. When you watch a film, it should be without distraction. Turn your phone off, turn the lights down, make sure you won’t be disturbed, allow yourself to be absorbed.

Movies aren’t something to be put on in the background. Think about the closing credits. Each film contains 100s or even 1000s of people who have lived and breathed that film for well over a year. Every one of them has helped create a work of art that wants to take you on a specifically crafted journey into another world, that offers a complete contrast to the one you live in now.

That’s what I love about film. It’s escapism.

Anyway, to justify this well-spent time to people who don’t get what I wrote in the last few paragraphs (and to the part of me that thinks I’m full of it), I decided to start reviewing some of the films I have seen.

The reviews mainly centre around films that are slightly less well known, perhaps independent releases, foreign language films, remastered old films or any other treasures I’m fortunate enough to come across.

I watch a lot of films at Broadway in Nottingham, which is a lovely place to go if you get the time.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy my scribblings and come back for more.


  1. Many would concur with your comment “Film, for me, is escapism”. Keep in mind, however, that we can escape emotionally and/or intellectually. Its great to switch off and immerse in a movie. Thats called passive consumption of film and we all love doing it. But the artform of film deserves another level of respect because, as you say, hundreds of creatives have “specifically crafted a journey into another world”. After enjoying a movie passively, its time to switch the brain to active mode and try to read the film at its various levels to understand what it said and why it was made. Thats the essence of being of lover of film.


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