Obscure film jokes #027

How much fuel does Jyn’s dad need to power his spaceship?

A Galan Erso.


Force Friday joke day!

To celebrate the Star Wars Force Friday event across the universe today, I’ve been busy writing the best kind of jokes. Terrible jokes.

I can almost guarantee you won’t laugh at any of them, but what fun would that be? Check back throughout the day for a new joke every hour until I run out of imagination.

Obscure film jokes #025

Why can’t the Guardians of the Whills eat spicy food?

They get Chirrut-able Bowel Syndrome.


Obscure film jokes #24

Did you hear about the Swedish action film star who was clones a dozen times by German scientists?

They called the results Zwölf Lundgren.


Obscure film jokes #23

Did you hear about the Jedi that couldn't convincingly tell a lie?

Mace Window. You can see straight through him.


Obscure film jokes #022

The writer behind Saturday Night Fever was pretty insincere and shallow.

He was called Barry Glib.


Obscure film jokes #021

What do Klingons use to protect their hands from dirt and oil?