The Walking Dead: Weird and Wonderful Merchandise – PART 2

A couple of years ago I published an article highlighting some of the weird and wonderful merchandise you could get with a Walking Dead logo attached.

Well, in the subsequent two years yet more stuff has hit the shelves for you to burn your money on. So, hang on to your credit card. It could be in for a bumpy ride.

Ridiculously expensive Michonne resin statue


If you have a spare £908.20 you could go in for this luxuriously dynamic statue of Michonne, inspired by the comic book version of the heroine. Manufactured by MacFarlane Toys, the resin model stands 14″ high and is limited to just 1500 pieces.

I’m going to be honest. If I had that amount of money to burn I would probably pick this up. Alas, I have to prioritise eating, electricity bills, etc. It’s certainly one of the examples on this list that sits on the desirable end of the scale.

Inappropriate Birthday Cards


It’s unlikely that if you’ve made it halfway down this article that you don’t get the above reference. It is an absolute corker of a card, destined to make any Walking Dead fan chuckle a bit.

Famous Last Cards are a Bournemouth-based company that specialise in cards with hilarious modern pop culture references. For just £2.85 you can pick up cards with the most cutting references to Orange is the New Black, Mean Girls and Game of Thrones. Every one is an absolute corker. Check out their Etsy site for more giggles and bring some upsetting joy to your friends’ next birthdays.



One of the more bizarre things I found was a Lucille prop replica for the AMC show. Undeniably accurate in its shape and size, and with a great attention to detail, this is a perfect gift for… who exactly? Why would you want one of these? What would you do with it once you had it.

I’m obviously missing something because it has had heaps of 5-star reviews and has been bought by 100s of people.

The Walking Dead All Out War – Collector’s Edition

The Walking Dead All Out War

The Walking Dead: All Out War is an extremely popular miniatures table-top game, which allows you to play out some of the most iconic fight sequences from the series.

The Collector’s Edition gives you the core set, some of the expansions and – crucially – a few exclusive items that are unavailable elsewhere. This makes it an essentially purchase for fans of the show, fans of tabletop games and people who are yet to jump on board.

Just don’t mention you’ve picked it up to any of the people who already spent more than this on the contents of the box and don’t have any of the exclusives.

Buzz Bee Toys The Walking Dead Rifle Blaster


Where do I start with this one? Look at it. Is there anything there that screams “The Walking Dead” to you? On the side that isn’t visible there is a small sticker that reads “The Walking Dead”. That’s basically it.

There’s a safety warning that says it shouldn’t be used by children under the age of six. It’s a good job. My seven-year-old nephew is a huge fan of The Walking Dead. Or is it Paw Patrol. I can’t remember.

You can buy this from Amazon but it will set you back a princely £14.99.

Walking Dead Cardboard Mask


Look at that image above. It’s a CARDBOARD mask. It costs £3.75. What an absolute rip-off. You could achieve the same with some paper and a printer. Indeed, you could just print the above image off.

But wait. Stop right there. If you’re going to a Halloween party this year and think you might pick one of these up.. Imagine walking through the door to your friend’s party. Everyone has put loads of effort in to make themselves look awesome. There’s a guy dressed as zombie Michael Jackson. Someone else has gone green to look like Frankenstein’s monster. And you have a piece of cardboard over your face, which you have to take off every time you drink.

Alan Partridge achieved a better result with a shower curtain, some nails and a couple of biscuits.

Customised “Converse” Trainers


These beautifully-crafted hand-decorated Converse trainers have been created by Helen Gibson for sale on her Etsy shop. Just look at them! They’re better than most of the official clothing items available across various shops. They’re also a steal at no more than £42 (some sizes are just £34).

They will also come in handy if you find yourself stuck in a zombie apocalypse and need to make a quick getaway on foot. Love them!

Poorly-formatted Coasters


Yes, you’re viewing the page correctly. The above image is the actual shape of a Walking Dead coaster available on Amazon via Ace Geordie Collectables. It’s clearly something that doesn’t exist right now but will be made to order, but I doubt it has been reviewed by the creator. It’s simply a meme that some automated bot has resized to fit a coaster. The same company has a handful of coasters for sale, all with the same issue.

The joke isn’t even funny and doesn’t work. I’ve created a few alternatives and I am happy for anyone to steal these and turn a profit on them if they can. Surely they’ll be more successful than the above.

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