Ten Great Films I’ve Never Seen – Update

In January I listed ten classic films I had somehow managed to avoid watching. Well, I watched most of them, but two were just too long for one sitting without really being able to commit. The last I just never felt in the mood for.

Here they are again, with the date I watched them (where appropriate).
12 Angry Men – 15/02/2015
Das Boot
City Lights – 24/02/2015
Vertigo – 29/01/2015
Battleship Potemkin – 01/02/2015
Ben Hur
Network – 31/07/2015
Sabrina – 13/07/2015
Cool Hand Luke
Singin’ In The Rain – 01/02/2015

It’s worth noting that in this time I’ve watched Kronk’s New Groove. So… that’s good.

I’ve put together a second list of ten films I’ve still accidentally avoided watching, including the three failures above.

Das Boot
Ben Hur
Cool Hand Luke
Barry Lyndon
Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Natural Born Killers
Cruel Story of Youth
To Kill A Mockingbird

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