Screen 6… With Edith Bowman

If you’re in the UK and want something film-related that’s massively interesting to listen to in the office or on your travels – and free – then head over to the 6 Music website and download the Screen 6 podcasts.

Presented by Edith Bowman, each episode consists of an interview with some massive A-Listers from the world of film. This includes Quentin Tarantino, Simon Pegg, the Coen brothers, Michel Gondry, Wes Anderson and, most recently, Christopher Nolan. They discuss in great detail the choices behind their greatest scoring and soundtracking achievements, inspirations and influences. It’s well worth a listen. The only limitation is that the songs are cut short in podcast format, though if you’re lucky you can get them on the iPlayer and get the whole show.

Every episode can be found here.

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