Robert Downey Jr. v Krishnan Guru Murthy

I’ve just watched the infamous Robert Downey Jr. interview walkout. I recommend you watch it too, especially if you’re a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you read the articles without watching the video, then you’re playing into the hands of the kind of journalism RDJ was walking out of.

The way Guru-Murthy conducts himself in the interview is very much the same as he did in the Quentin Tarantino interview a couple of years ago. He sets his stalls out to deliberately antagonise the star in an attempt to become the focus of the interview and further his credibility. It’s completely disrespectful and I truly hope it backfires.

In an eight-minute interview for a blockbuster superhero movie, it’s too much to try to get under the skin in a way that doesn’t seem superficial. I can totally understand RDJ’s reaction and I hope it doesn’t damage the credibility he has been restoring for the last fifteen years, following his release from prison on drug charges. I just don’t get why you’d do this to such a likeable guy.

By the way, I reviewed Avengers: Age of Ultron yesterday. It’s excellent.