Catching Up (Spike Wright, 2015)

Catching Up from Spike Wright on Vimeo.

Spike Wright’s latest short film “Catching Up” is a great example of how to get creative with the short medium. Wright has utilised the constraints of the running time to produce something exceptionally moving, led by excellent acting performances by the two leads George Evans and Nicola Northcott.

The end result is remarkable given they only had 60 hours to turn it around and with only two starting points: a particular line of dialogue (“That’s surely too much for this town”) and a prop action that had to occur (“Two ice cubes are taken out of a glass of water and dropped into an empty glass”). The story is conveyed in five minutes without really ever feeling like it was rushed, with a satisfying conclusion to a concise narrative.

There’s no vote to be had but with any luck it should be screened at the 2015 Colchester Film Festival later this month. It certainly deserves to be.