Happy New Year!!

I’ve had a phenomenal 2015 for so many reasons. I started the year pretty much unable to walk following a sporting injury, battled back through hard work and lots of physiotherapy to the point where I ran a 10k and two half-marathons. To not only get back to walking but also be able to exceed my previous capabilities in athleticism is a huge personal achievement and tells me anything is possible with a strong mental attitude.

I’ve watched a HUGE amount of films, at the cinema and at home. I’ve written about a lot of them here. Over 100 in fact. Wow, writing that down… is that something to be proud of? I’m going to say yes regardless.

2016 is full of huge events too. I’ll be visiting Japan for the first time and I still need to plan all of that. Studio Ghibli and Disney Tokyo Resort are two stops – why ever stop being a big kid?

I hope 2015 was as successful for you as it was for me. Make 2016 even bigger and see where you are in twelve months’ time. 

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