UK Festival of Zombie Culture (Phoenix Cinema, Leicester, 14/11/2015) – Review

I had an excellent day at the UK Festival of Zombie Culture in Leicester. It was packed and the films we saw all had their own charm, though the overriding feeling was that of community. There’s nothing quite comparable to a cinema packed with zombie film fans cheering as a woman has her eye poked out in the most gruesome of fashions.

As is a common theme at this event (this isn’t my first time here), plenty of time was spent on The Typing of the Dead, an amazing game that is basically The House of the Dead 2 but instead of guns you have a keyboard. The goal is to type words as fast as they pop up on the screen, in particular faster than your partner. It’s well worth playing if you get the chance and really does test your typing speed and accuracy.


Just a type-ical shooter


There was also a charity challenge to raise money for Help For Heroes, which involved killing zombies on Dead Rising for three minutes. The photo below shows a powerful play by my good wife to kill zombies using patio furniture. Well played. Well played.



The best-received film of the day was Me and My Mates vs The Zombie Apocalypse, an Australian horror comedy set largely inside a telephone communications compound as a group of friends try to figure out how to survive and escape the oncoming zombies. A review will no doubt follow shortly, but it was a truly hilarious film and a huge win for the festival as it was the UK premiere.

I can’t recommend this festival enough to fans of the zombie genre of films. With the added bonus of authors on hand to sell and sign books to you, there’s definitely something for everyone. Even if it’s just to confirm that you’re not a complete loner lunatic, make sure you join in next year.

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