Blogs I like – 52 French Films (Helen Van Kruyssen)

I keep an eye on a lot of blogs on WordPress. I find the original writing on the carefully selected bloggers a breath of fresh air from the published media and I’ve discovered a huge amount of fantastic books, films and games by simply reading about other things people like.

As a concept, the blog “52 French Films” is excellent. It is coming towards the end of its year-long run now, but there’s still time to get involved. Basically, the blog covers one French film every week. The author, Helen Van Kruyssen, writes passionately about each and every film and there never a hint that she has lost interest in the blog. That’s not something to be underrated – maintaining interest in a blog of this type can only be achieved by someone passionate about the subject. I picked it up back in July with the fascinating review of The Chorus. It was a film I’d bought a while ago but for whatever reason had failed to watch. I’m glad I read the review and I’m glad I’ve since watched the film.

Head over there and check it out – there are only 11 weeks left!

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