Eight videos to make your friends laugh

We all love that time at a house party when everybody is passing around their phones and picking out a new weird video from YouTube, taking it in turns to try to make everyone laugh. Are you that personal who keeps chucking in videos that fall flat? Don’t panic! Here are my eight sure-fire big laugh videos that you can pass off as your own discovery [1].

1. Adam Buxton – “The Counting Song”

A great example of Dr Buccles at his best. You can enjoy both sides of it. The first half is a fantastic educational video for children, though it suddenly gets quite dark and sad so you’d probably better cover any little ears after about 33 seconds.

2. Don’t Mess With The Ibyx

Yeah it’s a goat video and basically all of them are funny… But this one IS great.

3. Sneezing Panda

I know, I hear you. You saw this video at the start of the Internet. But in a world where everyone has to find the newest most hilarious video, it can be pretty funny to see everyone’s face when they realise you’ve put up a video that has been seen 218 million times. It takes careful execution but I’m sure you’ll get it right.

4. The Lonely Island – “Spell It Out”

There are so many videos I could have chosen from The Lonely Island. Given that almost everyone has seen “Jizz In My Pants”, “Threw It On The Ground”, “I’m On A Boat”, “Motherlover” and “We Like Sportz”, this might be one not everyone has seen. Or then again your friends may be one of the six million people that haven’t missed it.

5. Streaker at the Oscars

David Niven is trying to present an award at the 46th Annual Academy Awards, only for his speech to be interrupted by a streaker. His response is typically British and completely hilarious.

6. Benedict Cumberbatch reads R. Kelly lyrics to “Genius”

Speaking of typically British, the Americans love Benedict Cumberbatch. This video shows exactly why, as he reads out lyrics to R. Kelly’s song “Genius” on the Jimmy Fallon show in typically British style. Great sport.

7. Stewart Lee calls out Joe Pasquale

If you don’t know Stewart Lee then you really need to. This is one of my favourite monologues of his.

8. Time Trumpet – Tesco v Denmark

Time Trumpet was a 2006 satirical comedy series that had a similar premise to the retrospective series that were popular at the time, which usually assembled several celebrity guests to reminisce on a particular year. In Time Trumpet, the purported year of broadcast was 2031, meaning that any year between 2006 and 2031 could be the subject of their reviews. In this sketch, celebrities remember the year that Tesco went to war with Denmark in an attempt to create the world’s first retail country.

[1] I’m actually that person that has poor judgement on these things. So good luck with these. You’ll need it.

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