The Dice Cup Café, Nottingham – Hall of Fame

Well, I always knew I’d make it into the Hall of Fame somewhere. It has finally happened. Admittedly I was hoping for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but The Dice Café in Nottingham is a close second.

The café isn’t actually open yet but it will be soon. It will be a central Nottingham café with a a huge selection of board games available to play whilst you eat and drink. Sounds right up my street. Here’s the link. See if you can find me then check out the café. It’s not too late to pledge!!


  1. I’m looking forward to it opening. I forget how good board games are cos we always play the same ones.
    But you only need to watch Wil Wheatons show to realise there are loads


    1. It will be great. The top games we’re playing at the moment are Splendor, Settlers of Catan (a classic), Coup and The Walking Dead. I also purchased a pack of Nintendo hanafuda I want to try out. We should all get together one night and play some board games! Loads of space on our table.


      1. Yeah sounds good, I’ve got my eyes on the Zelda version of monopoly at the moment

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