Thriller (West End, London)

Thriller, currently running on London’s West End, is a show covering the life and music of one of the greatest ever performers the world has ever seen – Michael Jackson. It was the worst professional show I have ever seen.

The performers, for the most part, looked like they didn’t want to be there and lacked enthusiasm. The singers continuously hit flat notes but moreover some of the performers’ energy levels felt too low to pull me into anything like excitement, especially on the big dance numbers. Out of the twenty or so songs that we got I think at the most five did the original songs justice. None of these were in the first 45 minutes. It’s a tall order to expect an audience to stick with it that long and by the interval we were seriously discussing leaving and asking for our money back, but how do you start that conversation?

At £82 for two tickets, we left feeling completely ripped off. It’s not the most expensive show but if you factor in the train tickets and hotel, the total price was £300. It’s sad that over a whole month’s expendable income has been wasted on this. It’s not something that we can do regularly and we’ll have to pick our shows more carefully in the future. The most ridiculous thing is that this show has survived for so long in the West End, whilst great shows like We Will Rock You and Spamalot have been closed. I’ve actually seen far better amateur shows in the last six months, and paid a quarter of the price.

If you want to enjoy the magic of Michael Jackson, I recommend watching This Is It, Moonwalker, any of his music videos, the various live tours that are available on home media, even Captain EO on YouTube or those Pepsi commercials. The West End show Thriller just doesn’t come close.

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